Restructuring Atemporal Memories

Technical Information



REMA is based on the operational supremacy of the unconscious, which is used to obtain the information that must be processed for emotional disassociation. Up to now it is unknown the way in which the unconscious is structured, however, the experience with patients suggests that part of the decision-making structure is like a tree diagram system (an algorithm somewhat similar to computer software). The algorithm is made of a large amount of stored lines that operate in a logical manner. It exists in us to operate and includes an unconscious knowledge to make both physiological and psychological operations.

It is clear that ever since birth every person is operating in a characteristic way; so, it is logical to say that the code had been already fully structured before birth. While it goes through the stages of growth and adaptation to the environment, and throughout the entire life, the code continues its development, having continuous additions and modifications of lines. The physical response of the body to certain questions, and the emotions and sensations reported by each person during specific processes is used as a way to acquire information on these lines of stored codes. This information is presented in the form of emotions or in the form of a strong or weak response of muscles of the body. The complexity of the whole program is at the same level of complexity of the brain, so at this moment it is definitely out of reach to obtain the complete source code; however, some portions can be identified.
The procedure to apply depends on the situation, the moment and sensations of the patient. Since it is a logic tree, sometimes there are lines that cannot be modified because they have higher levels that do not allow this modification. Therefore, other alternative codes have to be modified first. In the vast majority of cases, code changes are possible. The exact time of the modification of each code varies between each person, but it is typically in a range of 1 to 10 minutes by single code. Modification is verified by the elimination of the related emotions. Patients have reported substantial improvements in their quality of life with the modification of these codes. Similarly, noticeable control in situations has been reported where before it was simply not possible.

It can be applied to any person with physical, emotional and behavioral problems at different levels and types, as well as victims of violence or conflictive situations. It is also applicable to people without specific conflict who want to have a level of tranquility, greater efficiency or happiness. Future work might include testing it in psychotic ranges.

In companies, industrial field, business services, etc., it is used to reduce tensions, achieve efficiency, promote effective team work, increase respect and promote a cooperative attitude, resulting in remarkable improvements in the production and interpersonal relationships.


We strongly suggest to use it in domestic abuse, prisons and drug prevention as well as normal educational institutions. It is an individual therapy, which applies, among other, techniques from Kinesiology, physical movements precise and localized, displacement of the individual by atemporal lines, specific ocular movements and, in some cases, geno-social data.
It should be stressed that no chemicals are used in any way.
In general around 5-10 hours are given for general or specific improovement, and then usually the patient is who determines if more time is required, following a period of adaptation to the changes. However, the total length depends on what is wanted to achieve.


An initial period of 10 hours is usually sufficient, where long-lasting and sometimes complete healing changes are achieved. In some cases two to five hours were sufficient, including changes in severe cases, but more sessions may be needed. It also depends on the objectives.


The level of improvement is measured by results of tests, self-assessment of the own subject, visible decrease of the conflict, or even results of medical tests. Obviously if eczema disappears, a sadist becomes a sweet and quiet person, a progressive paralysis stops its progress or a Queratosis actinica disappears, there is not much more to talk about. Just try it and research for more applications.


The procedures are conducted in an area that had an internal or external corridor with some privacy where it would be possible to walk freely with a minimum length of 8 meters. It may be a corridor straight or corners, or a big room with a free path. Usually it requires filling in a questionnaire before and after treatment to measuring results in an objective way.